Tiramisu £5.25 (V)

A delicious blend of mascarpone cheese, cream, liqueur, coffee & savoiardi biscuits

Pancake with ice cream £5.10 (V)

A sweet pancake filled with vanilla ice cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce

Profiteroles £5.20 (V)

Choux pastry filled with cream covered in chocolate

Créme Caramel £5.25 (V)
A cool blend of eggs, sugar, milk & a hint of vanilla

House Cheese Cake £6.15 (V)
With cream or ice cream

Continental Waffle £5.25 (V)
Warm waffle with a choice of fresh strawberry sauce or melted chocolate.

Served with cream or ice cream

Chocolate Fudge Cake £6.15 (V)
With cream or ice cream

Banoffee Pie £6.15 (V)
Bananas, toffee & cream over a biscuit base

Warm Chocolate Brownies £6.15 (V)
Served with a choice of chocolate, raspberry or caramel sauce

Sticky Toffee Pudding £6.15 (V)

Served with hot custard or ice cream

Warm Apple Pie £6.15 (V)

Served with hot custard, cream or ice cream

Sorbet £4.60 (Ve)

Selection Of Ice Creams £4.50

A choice of Vanilla, Strawberry or Chocolate

Vegan Vanilla Ice Cream Available



V- Vegetarian | VE- Vegan | GF- Gluten Free
All our food is prepared where nuts, gluten and other food allergens are present. Our menu descriptions do not include all ingredients - if you have a food allergy, please let us know before ordering or consuming our food. 

Full allergen information is available.  Please ask a team member for details. If you have any other vegan requirements then please do let us know.