Bar List


Classic Cocktails


Margherita £7.15

Tequila, orange liqueur, lemon & lime juice, salted rim

La Fontana “Sun Rise” £7.15

Archers, vodka, orange juice & grenadine


Mojito £7.40

White rum, mint, lime, sugar & soda


Passion Fruit Martin, £7.10

Vodka, lime juice passion fruit, mango, orange juice


Pina Colada, £7.45

Vodka, pineapple juice & coconut milk


Strawberry Daiquiri £7.50

White rum, strawberries


Peachy Blinder £7.55

Vodka, peach snaps, cranberry juice


Caribbean Bounty £7.65

White rum, Malibu, mango juice & coconut milk


Cosmopolitan £7.15

Vodka, lime & cranberry juice sauce


Malibu Sun Set £7.15

Malibu, pineapple juice & grenadine



Soft Drinks

All fruit juice £2.20

Glass Bottled soft drinks 330ml £2.95

Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Fanta Orange & Sprite & J2O

Bottle Mixers £2.05 Mineral Water; 750ml £4.00; 500ml £2.70 (still or sparkling)


Bottled Beer

330ml all £4.20
Peroni; San Miguel; Corona


Special Beers 330ml all £4.20

Peroni (gluten free)

San Miguel (alcohol free)


Draft Beer

5% Cinque Premium Lager Pt £5.95 ½ pt £3.00

4% La Fontana Pilsner Pt £5.30 ½ £2.65


Other Drinks

Magners Cider 500ml £5.75
Wine Spritzer £5.50

Spirits 25ml

All Spirits £3.50
Cognac £4.10 
Liqueurs £3.95



Cappuccino £2.70

Cafe Latte £2.70

Espresso £2.30, Double £3.00

Americana £2.40

Liqueur Coffee £6.45


A selection of Tea’s

English, Earl Grey, Herbal £2.25


Hot Chocolate £2.70


Irish Hot Chocolate £6.45

Hot chocolate & baileys


Italian Hot Chocolate £6.45

 Hot chocolate & amaretto

Red Wine



By the glass: 125ml £3.50; 175ml £4.75; 250ml £6.50; 500ml Carafe £13.00; Bottle £18.95
A soft, easy-drinking red, round & fruity



By the glass; 125ml £3.60; 175ml £5.10; 250ml £6.85; 500ml Carafe £13.60; Bottle £19.95

A full-bodied red. Enriched in the flavors of red berries and ripe deep fruits, with a velvety finish



By the glass; 125ml £3.70; 175ml £5.20; 250ml £7.00; 500ml Carafe £14.00; Bottle £20.50
Light ruby with elegant bouquet, dry on the palate and well balanced.


MERLOT Italian

By the glass: 125ml £3.85; 175ml £5.25; 250ml £7.10; 500ml Carafe £14.20; Bottle £21.50  
Deep ruby red in colour and an aroma of red berry fruits, vanilla and pepper.


SHIRAZ Australia

By the glass: 125ml £3.95; 175ml £5.50; 250ml £7.70; 500ml Carafe £15.40; Bottle £22.95

This wine is full of vibrant red fruits balanced with spice and sweet oak


VALPOLICELLA Italian £24.50

Intense, delicate bouquet; dry, harmonious with a warm flavour


PINOTAGE South Africa £22.95

South Africa's unique Pinotage grape gives soft, ripe wines with plum and mulberry fruits


MALBEC Argentina £24.20

Fresh fruit flavours leading to notes of vanilla and chocolate, with soft tannins and good balance


RIOJA CRIANZA Spain £23.95

Red cherry colour. A fine aromatic profile of red fruit, vanilla and coconut is followed by a strong, spicy finish


PINOT NOIR French £25.95

Ruby in colour and complex on the nose with aromas of raspberry. Smooth tannins with a nice, fresh finish


BAROLO Italian £38.95

Brick red in colour, austere robust and intense; refined and ethereal.


Rosé Wine



Glass: 125ml £3.90; 175ml £5.60; 250ml £7.80; 500ml Carafe £15.60; Bottle £21.95
Very fruity and appetising, with a green apple, peach and raspberry bouquet



Boasting a brilliant pink colour, this wine offers a nose of white flowers and pit fruit.


White Wine



By the glass: 125ml £3.50; 175ml £4.75; 250ml £6.50; 500ml Carafe £13.00;  Bottle £18.95
A clean, crisp dry white wine with light fruity taste.



By the glass: 125ml £3.90; 175ml £5.60; 250ml £7.80; 500ml Carafe £15.60; Bottle £21.95

An intense and fruity bouquet: soft and characterful.


CHENIN BLANC South African

By the glass: 125ml £3.70; 175ml £5.20; 250ml £7.00; 500ml Carafe £14.00; Bottle £19.95

A very slightly off-dry, with delicious tropical fruit flavours and a fresh and appetising character



By the glass: 125ml £3.75; 175ml £5.35; 250ml £7.50; 500ml Carafe £15.00; Bottle £20.95

This is a soft, rounded wine with floral aromas and a line of citrusy acidity. Its light tang gives it a crisp aftertaste


PICPOUL De PINET, French £23.95

This is a delightfully fresh white wine, full of vitality & bright citrus aromas of fresh grapefruit & lemon, with a floral hint 


SAUVIGNON BLANC; New Zealand £23.95

Well-rounded with white fruit and citrus flavors, and a lingering fresh finish


RIOJA BLANCO Spanish £22.00

Tropical and citrus fruits complemented by white flowers. The palate has a well-balanced acidity and freshness


GAVI £24.95; Italian

Dry, medium– bodied wine from Cortese grape in the Gavi area of Piedmont, Crisp& un-oaked with delicate notes of honey, apples and minerals


CHABLIS £34.00 French

Distinguished style, intense and well knit, with lingering mineral and fruit flavours


Sparkling Wine & Champagne


SPUMANTE PROSECCO £25.95; Small bottle 20cl £7.10 Italian

Extra dry with lemon, fruit character’s and a good aromatic length



A light glass of rose. Strawberries and red apples on the palate, with a creamy finish and zippy crispness



This authentic cuvee reveals a surprising bouquet of fruity aromas


Sparkling Lemon £25.95

Close your eyes and be transported to the Amalfi coast, on Italys iconic western shoreline. Amorescco sparkling lemon offers a refreshing light zing coupled with a classic citrus flavour. Think sophistication, trepidation, pure heaven.


Sparkling Peach £25.95

Amoresecco Sparkling Peach is summer in a bottle – Sun, sea and s…umptious Peach. Juicy, mouth watering layers of sweet peach flavour with a tickle of dry acidity. Pass me a tissue I think I just dribbled a little bit…


Sparkling Melon £25.95

Amoresecco Sparkling Melon is a tropical burst of sweet, curvaceous paradise – Sexy, confident, and feminine. Love her and she will love you back.


Sparkling Cherry £25.95

Amoresecco Sparkling Cherry is our Marilyn Monroe – Sassy, classy, and an instant style icon. If you can think of nothing better than being glammed up with your girls at a pool party, this one’s for you!