Cold Mezze

Home baked flat bread each £1.30 VE

Marinated Olives £3.70 VE

Hummus £5.20 VE
Pureed chick peas with olive oil, lemon juice & a touch of garlic with home baked flat bread


Tzatziki £4.35 V
Thick yogurt with garlic, cucumber & mint, with home baked flat bread


Tabbouleh £4.75 VE
Parsley salad with tomatoes, onions, mint, crushed- wheat, lemon juice and olive oil

Feta Cheese £4.35 V
dressed with oregano infused olive oil

Broad Bean Salad £4.75 VE
Broad beans, coriander, fried garlic, olive oil & lemon juice

Hot Mezze

Batata Harra £ 4.50 VE
Fried potatoes cooked with mixed peppers, garlic, spices & chilli

Falafel £5.20 VE
Ground chick peas, broad beans, mixed with spices, deep-fried served with Tahina sauce

Grilled Haloumi £4.75 V
With cherry tomato, cucumber & dressed in an oregano infused olive oil